How to Respond as a Driver Passing a Tow Truck in Garland, TX; Lower Speed, Change Lanes & More

Tow truck drivers are often not recognized as heroes, but they are the people who rescue stranded drivers when their vehicles become inoperable. Whether if it from a collision, the terrain makes them stuck, or the vehicle suffers from mechanical or electrical failure, a tow truck driver quickly comes to your location ready to give your automobile a tow and you a ride, or at the least some roadside assistance. Though these unsung heroes are not always appreciated, especially when other vehicles are inconvenienced as they work as safely and as quick as they can to get the disabled vehicle out of the way, they are there. As a responsible driver in the South area of Texas, knowing how to approach a tow truck driver busy hooking up a fallen vehicle can make you, other drivers, and the tow truck professional a lot safer on the road. With that in mind, we at D&J Towing Service would like to offer a few tips on how you should respond when you drive up to the scene.

How to Be Courteous to Tow Truck Drivers

1) Lower Your Speed. Where it is worth stressing, reducing your speed is an important safety tip. When you see a tow truck driver retrieving a down vehicle it is very essential that you slow down. No matter if the vehicle is in the middle of the road or involved in an accident or even if they managed to pull off the side of the road rescuing, the tow truck driver is busy securing or inspecting the broken-down vehicle. In any case, the reducing your speeds is a courteous gesture and increases safety. Their job has plenty of stress as it is, adding more with unsafe drivers speeding down the road recklessly can really take a toll.
2) Merge into the Next Lane of Traffic. If there are multiple lanes, switching into lanes away from where the tow driver is hard at work can also increase safety. Assuming it is safe and traffic permits, being as far from the tow in progress reduces the risk of striking the towing activities. Clipping a down vehicle or the tow truck can be devastating.
3) Pay Attention While Driving. Focusing on the road and the surroundings is important and having plenty of reaction time is ideal. Tow trucks are hard to miss, and safety practiced can give the drivers an increased safety measure. Vigilance helps keep everyone on the road safer.

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At D&J Towing Service, we apply all safety protocols as our trained drivers continue to bring valuable services. We are readily available to respond as quickly as possible to your location, especially under emergency circumstances, where our specialists will give your vehicle a tow or offer our roadside assistance services to help you in the most optimal way. Call D&J Towing Service today when you are in need of a tow and when you see towing services being conducted on the road, keep safe, focused and calm and ensure you apply the tips we suggested above to ensure everyone is safe on the road.

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