Off Roading Driving Tips & Off Road Recovery Gear in Desoto, TX; Winch Outs & More

There are many 4×4 owners that love going outdoors and off road for a little adventure. They enjoy discovering places they’ve never been. Yet, there are times they may have wandered in the wrong direction or the indistinct trail suddenly no longer accommodates their vehicle. There have been a number of situations where a recovery towing service was needed and in many cases, D&J Towing Service arrived at the scene. For those new to off-roading or not familiar with off-road recovery, D&J Towing Service will share some basic tips of what to do if you need an off-road recovery service.

Off Roading Basics

Never panic during an off road recovery. The worst decisions seem to occur not during the off roading experience, but during a recovery. When you get yourself or your vehicle into a bind, this is when people seem to panic. It helps if you have another vehicle helping you out or you have a towing service you can access. In all situations, assess the situation carefully. It’s better to lose the vehicle than for someone to get injured or killed. Remain calm and avoid poor planning.
If possible, remain in the vehicle that is being recovered. However, if your vehicle is underwater, do whatever it takes to get out of the vehicle. In all other situations, as in dirt or mud, it can help to recover a vehicle if a person is behind the wheel and can give the proper direction as the vehicle is being pulled out. You may need to provide the vehicle with a little extra power if you’re stuck in a ditch or a deep rut. Even so, make sure you have good control and are able to see the other vehicle while you’re being recovered.
Ensure bystanders maintain distance from the stuck vehicle. Have other passengers or bystanders get out of the vehicle and get far enough way they won’t get hurt. Keep your surroundings in mind. The dangers won’t just come from the vehicle but can come from rocks, trees and other surrounding debris.
Know how to use a winch. If your vehicle is equipped with its own winch and cable system to help pull yourself out of certain situations, know where it is and how to use the winch correctly. Never use a bare winch cable around trees. The cable can literally cut through the trees like a saw. Should that happen, you have a falling tree coming down around you. It is good to wrap the cable with a blanket or even a hose to help prevent the cables from cutting through certain materials. For the extreme off-roader, it is strongly recommended to attach your vehicle with a winch and learn how or when to properly use it.
Pack recovery gear when off roading. When going off-roading, make sure you bring extra tools and gear with you. You will want to have a collapsible shovel with you as it can help dig you out of mud, sand, and snow. Additionally, keep a traction board that you can place under your tires. Also make sure to keep water, snacks, flashlight, and flares in your vehicle. It is recommended to also keep a phone charger in your vehicle as well so you know you can always call for help.

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D&J Towing Service hopes you remember to be safe when going off-road. Remember to go with a friend or let someone know where you plan to go in case you need help. D&J Towing Service provides towing services along with winch out services even for the off-roader. If you need help, remember to call D&J Towing Service.

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