Safety & Other Benefits of Flatbed Tow Trucks for Long Distance Towing from Balch Springs, TX

There are a number of scenarios where you find you need to transport a vehicle over long distances. You may have either bought or sold a vehicle out of state and need it taken or brought to you. You may want to have an exotic car taken to a car show, or you’re moving and are unable to drive your vehicle to your new home yourself. When you need to have a vehicle towed a long distance, there are many advantages of having it towed with a flatbed. D&J Towing Service will share a number of benefits for using a flatbed tow truck for long distance transport.

Safety of Flatbed Towing

Out of the various different towing methods, flatbed towing is one of the safer methods for your vehicle. Whether your vehicle is going through rough terrain, or in the event the tow truck gets involved in a collision, in most cases the vehicle being transported is untouched. Another benefit of flatbed towing is that the vehicle can be loaded from different directions and can ensure the vehicle is safely loaded onto the flatbed. There are a number ways that make flatbed towing safer for your vehicle.

Flatbed Towing is Easier on Vehicle’s Transmission

Another benefit of flatbed towing is that it is better on your vehicle’s transmission. Traditional towing methods can damage your vehicle’s transmission, especially when it is being transported long distances. When using the flatbed towing method, the vehicle is driven or winched onto the flatbed tow truck and then secured into place where the vehicle remains stationary until it reaches its destination. Other methods force the gears of the vehicle to move during the tow and wear down the transmission as it’s rolling down the road. To help save your vehicle’s transmission, make sure to use flatbed towing versus other towing methods when you need a long distance transport. Additionally, when your vehicle is being towed with a flatbed, you’re not putting miles on your vehicle. When the transmission is in motion, it puts miles on your vehicle even though you’re not driving it. To maintain an accurate mileage on your vehicle, again use flatbed towing.

Car Covers for Flatbed Towed Cars

When your vehicle is stationary, you can also use car covers to protect your vehicle from the elements as it’s being transported. Other methods require the vehicle to be freed of all obstructions which leave the exterior of the vehicle vulnerable to the elements.

Other Advantages of Flatbed Towing

Some other additional benefits are that you’re avoiding minor wear of the tires as well as other components of your vehicle. You may notice that car dealerships will even transport one car on a flatbed or on a freight truck. This is because it is what’s best for the vehicle. If you want what’s best for your vehicle, consider using a flatbed towing truck and professional towing company that offers long distance towing services.

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