Does Hot Summer Weather & Heat Drain Car Batteries & Affect Battery Life in Waxahachie, TX

It’s a dreadful feeling to get in your car, turn the key and find it won’t start. You may be surprised to learn that cold weather isn’t the only thing that leads to a dead battery. The summer months can be harder on your battery than the cold months. Batteries in cold climates last about 50 months while those in summer climates last about 30. This is because your battery will start to discharge in just 24 hours after you stop driving in warm weather. This process can take several days in cold weather. The warm summer temperatures can be your battery’s worst enemy. Hot weather means high temperatures under the hood that can accelerate the corrosion inside the battery. Keeping your battery in good condition during the summer can prevent a dead battery.

How to Avoid a Car Battery Dying in Hot Weather

1. Keep it cool. Since the warm temperatures are a drain on your car battery, park it in a shady spot to keep it as cool as possible. Doing this will also have the inside of your car a bit cooler too!
2. Increase driving time. Batteries die faster when shorter distances are driven. This happens because the alternator needs time to recharge the battery once it’s been started. This step can be difficult for many, just kept in mind that short trips with lots of stops and starts won’t give your battery enough time to recover.
3. Reduce car battery drain. Today’s technology is a drain on your car battery. With DVD players, MP3 players, navigation systems, smart phones and a host of onboard computers, it’s not hard to see why. Anything you plug into the system will take a toll on the battery. Think about what you really need to have plugged in at any given time.
4. Make sure battery is fastened tightly. If a battery isn’t fastened securely it can vibrate. This can cause internal damage and short circuits. Check it from time to time to ensure a snug fit in the mounting bracket.
5. Turn car lights off. Leaving headlights and interior lights on can be a heavy drain on the battery. Always check your car as you leave to make sure you’ve turned all the lights off.
6. Keep it clean. A clean battery will last longer. Heat gets trapped around the battery when dirt and grease buildup because they act as insulators. Wipe the battery with a rag or paper towel on a regular basis to prevent grime buildup.
7. Have a car battery charger. Think about getting a car battery charger if you leave your car parked for long periods of time. Having a charger will prevent the battery from dying when the car isn’t being used.

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Test your battery to see how well you’re taking care of it but remember, it might not matter how well you take care of it, you can’t predict future problems. Getting stranded on the side of the road isn’t fun and it can be dangerous. If you need roadside assistance and/or a tow, contact D&J Towing Service to send help your way!

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