Best Emergency Roadside Kit List in Midlothian, TX; Cell Fire Extinguisher, Flares & More

A good rule of thumb is to “plan for the worst, hope for the best” or even “it is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”. Any way you want to look at it, being on the road in the event of the vast scenarios that can occur, it is better to prepared for what you can. Having an emergency roadside kit can get you out of bind, at the very least, until professional assistance arrives. Today, we at D&J Towing Service, would like to list some suggestions you should include in your customized emergency roadside kit.

Basic Emergency Car Kit

This will help tackle the simple problems that commonly occur and help signal other motorists of your predicament to help you avoid collisions and get the attention of help when it arrives.
Cell phone charger: Most people carry their cell phones these days like their lifeline. Since most people have given up their landlines, it is the only way people can get a hold of you. They are especially useful in emergency situations when you are on the road. However, they do not do you any good if the battery has died. Keeping an extra power cord that charges through your vehicle’s lighter can help ensure you have a way to charge it if an emergency occurs. Be sure to know your location if you have to call emergency services as 911 operators may not be able to pickup your location.
First aid kit: Having a first aid kit in your vehicle can help you treat a number of medical needs. If you or a loved one that frequently rides in the car has specific medical conditions, carrying extra medications in the kit can also be ideal.
Fire Extinguisher: There are several causes that can erupt fires from your car; from electrical shorts to oil leaks. Having a fire extinguisher on hand can help you control the small flames quickly to reduce damage. Available in a variety of sizes, the multipurpose dry-chemical fire extinguishers are a good option.
Flares: When you need to pull of to the side of the road having flares, hazard triangles, or warning lights strategically set behind your vehicle can help on coming traffic that there is a stationary vehicle and to exercise caution. Avoid products that require batteries.
Tire Gauge: Everyone should be in the habit of checking the pressure of their tires, including the spare on a monthly basis. You can avoid tire problems and reduce blowouts. Additionally, having a tire gauge can come in handy if your tire is low and you need to fill it with air to get you by until you get to a mechanic.
Lug Wrench and Jack: Having a spare isn’t enough if your tire renders useless. You need the means to jack the vehicle up and remove and install the old tire for the spare tire. Keep in mind that some models have run-flat tires and do not come with spare tiles. These run-flat tires are drivable with a limited number of miles, even with little to no air. If your car is equipped these tires, take the time to learn to more especially concerning warning signs of imminent tire failure.
Portable Compressor or Foam Tire Sealant: Minor tire punctures can be repaired temporarily with foam tire sealant and slow leaks can be remedied with a portable compressor. If you are so inclined, keeping these aids can potentially get you to a tire specialist without getting stranded.
Jumper Cables: Having a pair of jumper cables in your vehicle ready if your battery falls short can help if a good Samaritan can give you jump. However, having a battery booster eliminates the need for the 2nd car all together, but space may be a factor.
Flashlight: Though many cell phones have a flashlight feature, having a flashlight handy during evening breakdowns can help tremendously, especially if you are trying to talk on the phone or conserve a battery while making preparation for aid or to make minor repairs. A mountable and flexible flashlight are really useful in these situations.
Tow Truck and Roadside Company Card: The information programmed in your phone is convenient but having a backup resource of having their business card in your kit can help you contact them if your cell phone is inoperable and you are using a pay phone or other means. When you need a tow or professional assistance, they can help by coming to your location and provide you with the services you need.

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There are a number of other items you might find useful in your emergency roadside kit, especially if you enjoy off-roading or long-distance road trips. Items include a folding shovel, tool kits, spare rags, tire chains, tow straps, gloves, blankets, extra water, non-perishable food, and a GPS for example. When you need a professional tow and roadside assistance company handy in the South Dallas, Texas area, call D&J Towing Service and our experts will provide you with the services you need.

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