Typical Motorcycle Problems in Red Oak, TX; Uneven Tire Wear, Low Brake Fluid & More

Motorcycles require regular and proper maintenance. When a motorcycle gets a flat tire, there is no spare. There are many similar examples as well. When a motorcycle breaks down, there is usually no getting it back on the road. When a motorcycle breaks down or experiences failure, most of the time, one will need a towing service to get the bike home or to a mechanic. D&J Towing Service would like to share some of the most common maintenance issues that motorcycles experience.

Motorcycle Starting, Engine & Other Problems Faced By Bikers

Uneven Tire Wear – One of the most common problems that motorcycles encounter is tire wear. When tire pressure drops it can result in uneven wear patterns on the tire. This will often lead to blowouts or flats. As every motorcyclist knows, there is no spare. A flat tire means the end of the road for the rider until the tire gets repaired or replaced. When your bike is your only mode of transportation, it is essential to maintain your bike’s tires. Check your tire pressure often if not every day and maintain the tire specifications. While checking your tire pressure, inspect the tires for any sign of a puncture, nails, or other road debris in your tires. To avoid experiencing a flat tire or blowout while riding, it is essential to inspect your tires often. If you’re experiencing tire problems and can no longer ride the motorcycle, contact a towing service to help get your bike to a tire shop and replace or repair the tire.
Motorcycle Chain Adjustment & Lubrication – One of the most important parts of a motorcycle is its chain. Without it you are not going anywhere. When a chain gets neglected, it can result in severe damage to the bike and serious injury to the rider. The chain needs to be lubricated and in prefect alignment. If the chain isn’t in prefect alignment, or is poorly lubricated, it is important to have the motorcycle serviced right away. Each person varies on their understanding of the motorcycle mechanics. Lubricating and aligning the chain is a quick process for those who know what they are doing. If you are not familiar with the process, have the motorcycle serviced when the chain shows signs of misalignment or stiffness. If a problem does occur while you’re riding, pull off the road and have the motorcycle towed to your preferred service shop.
Low Brake & Other Fluids – Like any other vehicle, the fluids are essential to the operation of the motorcycle. A motorcycle use seven essential fluids: oil, brake fluid, coolant, hydraulic clutch fluid, transmission oil, fork oil and of course fuel. Each of these essential fluids must be regularly checked not only for efficiency and operation but safety as well. Most of the fluid must be manually checked and filled as needed. Some fluids can be refilled in an emergency situation by roadside assistance services. However, to avoid waiting around off to the sides of the road make sure to check your motorcycle’s fluids often.

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Motorcycles are one of the most dangerous vehicles on the road. They offer no protection from other vehicles. When they experience failure it often takes a towing service to get you and your bike off the road and to a place where it can be serviced. To help minimize these experiences, make sure to regularly maintain your motorcycle. If you do need roadside assistance or towing services, contact D&J Towing Service.

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