What Causes Car Shaking when Idle or Accelerating? Avoiding a Breakdown in Lancaster, TX

When there is a new problem with your vehicle you want to make sure that you take it seriously. A change in how the car drives, stops, handles or accelerates can be a sign that there is a problem. These problems can end up leaving you stranded on the side of the road. That is why these smaller signs are necessary to look into and understand what they can mean. When you get used to your vehicle you will know what it should feel like when you drive at all sorts of speeds. You know how well it brakes and how it handles. A change in one of these aspects of driving is usually something you would notice. The change can be almost anything but one of the common problems that people end up noticing has to do with shaking when you drive. The shaking is something that you want to take seriously and is often times something that can be repaired or fixed if it is addressed right away.

D&J Towing Service Explains What Might Be Causing Your Car to Shake & How to Stop It

Car Shakes When Tire is Out of Balance: You might not realize that your car needs to have balance. Not the entire car specifically but the wheels that are installed on the car should. The wheel is attached to the car and has a tire that is mounted on it. If you are feeling a shaking sensation in your steering wheel it can be from the wheels. The shaking will usually start when the car reaches a higher speed somewhere around 50-60 miles per hour. The wheels can be balanced if you take them to a tire repair shop. The wheels are taken off the car and set up in a machine that will tell the technician where the wheel is out of balance. The technician will take a weight and attach it to the wheel which will balance the wheels back out.
Damaged Tire Causes Car to Vibrate: Another problem that you might have when you are feeling is from the tires. The tire can have a separation on the sidewall or the tread. This will cause a bugle in the tire that you will feel when you are driving at any speed. The shaking is something that you want to take very seriously and have the tire replaced. If you don’t the tire can blow out leaving you stuck on the side of the road.
Warped Rotors Cause Vibration & Shaking: The other aspect of shaking may come into play when you are trying to stop. When you apply the brakes you may notice that the peddle is starting to shake or bounce This means that you have a problem with the rotors on the vehicle. It works along with the brake pads to stop the car and should have a nice even and smooth surface. The rotor can be warped causing waves that will cause the car to shake. You can have them repaired or replaced to correct the problem.

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