What is Winching a Car? Call a Professional Towing Company to Winch a Car Out of a Ditch in Midlothian, TX

It’s worth the cost to hire professionals to pull you out of a ditch rather that letting just anyone strap a cable to your vehicle and pull you out. D&J Towing Service will now outline why!

Reasons to Call a Professional Towing Company to Winch a Car Out of a Ditch

1. Towing companies have insurance. This insurance protects them while they’re working and covers any damage that your vehicle might suffer. A good Samaritan is more likely to damage your vehicle and won’t be able to pay for those damages.
2. DIY winch outs can lead to vehicle damage. When an amateur is trying to get you out they’re likely using a chain, strap or rope. They will use their vehicle to away from yours and jerk on the on the chain, strap or rope. Your vehicle can suffer damage and can even get disconnected. The jerking motion can also cause the chain, strap or rope to go flying through the air with great force. This can injure or kill someone. Professional use a winch, with secure attachments to gently pull your vehicle out.
3. DIY winching can cause car accidents. If an amateur is trying to help you they’re going to have to pull perpendicular to the road. This can cause another accident with oncoming traffic and someone can also get injured or killed. Professionals can pull parallel to the road to make the situation safer.
4. Professional tow trucks have more powerful lights and beacons. We will also arrive with flares and cones to warn oncoming traffic of the situation ahead. Professionals also wear reflective clothing for added safety and are trained to safely manage the scene to keep everyone safe, including you.
5. Professional tow truck drivers have training and experience. We are trained and know exactly where to attach your vehicle to prevent any damage. This will avoid damaging the part of your vehicle that the winch line needs to be attached. Nylon straps and special hooks are used to attach the winch line. Professionals are trained in all makes, models and years of all vehicles as they may have different points of attachment.
6. Insurance won’t cover DIY winch out costs. Check the insurance on your vehicle to see it covers the expense of having a professional towing company pull you out. Most times they will not cover the cost an amateur might charge you.
7. Professional tow truck companies can check your car is safe to drive. When a vehicle goes off the road it can suffer damage. This damage can range from bent or damaged components to snow and mud getting packed around the wheels, brakes, suspension, steering or fan. Professionals can check your vehicle after it has been pulled out to make sure it’s safe to drive. If your vehicle is not safe to drive, we can tow it for you. If your vehicle has full coverage, it shouldn’t cost you anything.

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Don’t let a good Samaritan pull you out of a ditch. This help can cause damage to your car, injury or death. The cost of a winch out is worth the cost. The reason it’s expensive is because it’s not usually a simple job. There’s more to it than just attaching a strap and pulling. Give the professionals at D&J Towing Service a call instead.

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