Common Car Breakdown Problems While Driving in Lancaster, TX; Dead Battery, Flat Tire & More

Towing and roadside assistance companies often maintain a log of their services and after some review there are some of the same common problems many drivers encounter. Many of these problems could be avoided with proper maintenance and awareness when a vehicle begins to show signs of a mechanical failure. D&J Towing Service would like to share some of the most common causes for automobile breakdowns and what can be done to help avoid them.

Common Car Breakdown Reasons

Dead or Dying Battery – One of the most common calls that towing and roadside assistance service companies encounter is a dead or dying battery and the driver needs help recharging their battery or getting a jump. Most batteries will last anywhere from 2 to 5 years. In hotter climates, usually 2 or 3. If you begin to notice your lights looking dimmer or your vehicle seems to be taking too long to start, it is usually a sign of a dying battery. It is best to replace the battery before it completely dies and you need roadside assistance.
Flat Tire or Wheel Damages – Road debris can puncture good tires and cause flats or wheel damage. However, in many cases, tires begin to wear down and can be detected in the tread. When the tire treads are eaten away they are more vulnerable to blow outs or air leaks which become a road hazard. Make sure you inspect your tire tread often. Good tire tread is about half of a penny deep or deeper. Once the tires look a little bald, its time for new tires.
Alternator Failure – The alternator is responsible for recharging the battery when your vehicle is in use. When the alternator fails it may seem as if you have a dead battery and share similar symptoms. However, if you have a new battery or you have tested your battery and it still holding a charge, the problem is most likely the alternator.
Starter Failure – It’s usually luck of the draw whether a vehicle starter will last 250,000 miles or 50,000 mile before developing problems. It helps to inspect the starter and retighten any loose nuts and bolts that helps secure the starter. Some signs the starter is going are metallic noises when starting your vehicle, the engine turns over slower than usual, or you may hear a clicking sound when starting the vehicle.
Fuel Problems – With rising gas prices, many people will try to go a few extra miles before refueling or they might accidentally put the wrong fuel inside their vehicle. In most cases roadside assistance services will be able to bring you enough fuel to make it to a gas station or home. However, make sure to keep your eye on your fuel gauge and refuel when your vehicle reaches a quarter to avoid breaking down due to no fuel.

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These are some of the most common breakdown problems many drivers face. Make sure to perform routine maintenance on your vehicle and if you find yourself broken down, know how to get help. If you find yourself broken down and needing help, contact D&J Towing Service. We provide towing and roadside assistance services. Contact us today.

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