Why Do I Keep Getting Flat Tires & Tire Blowouts in Red Oak, TX? Wear & Tear, Heat & More

Your car is something most people depend on to be ready to go and keep up with our busy schedule. When you start to have trouble with the car it can cause you to be late to work, school or to get your errands done. With the busy schedules that most people keep no one has time for car trouble. There are some common causes that will have you stranded on the side of the road. You may run out of gas, have a bad battery or engine trouble to just name a few. Another area that commonly has problems that can leave you stranded on the side of the road. The tires are a part of the car that need to be cared for as well as replaced when needed. You should constantly be aware of the tires and what state they are in.

D&J Towing List Several Reasons You May End Up With A Flat Tire

Road Conditions Can Affect Your Tires: One of the common causes of a flat tire is from the conditions that you are driving on. You don’t have to be in a rural, country road that is littered with debris to have a problem with your tires. This can come from a city road that is not well taken care of. The conditions of the road that are likely to cause flat tires are potholes, debris that is in the road and paving that is not level. There are ways that your tires may end up with damage and leave you stranded on the side of the road. You can protect your tires by being aware of the roads and if there are lots of problems find an alternate route. You can also leave space between you and other cars so you can see any debris clearly and avoid them.
Heat Can Cause Tire Blowouts: Nice even weather that is not too hot or too cold are not the problem. The problems start when you are in an area that has some high levels of heat. The summer brings hot weather and this can cause damage to your tires. The trouble is that the heat will actually cause the air in the tire to expand. Then your tire can be over inflated which is a leading cause of blowouts. The tire is stressed and when over filled with air hitting a rock that otherwise would be fine might cause enough damage to flatten the tire. When the weather starts to heat up it is best to have the tire pressure checked.
Wear & Tear in Tire Tread: Now of course the tires over time will start to wear out. The rubber is not made to last forever and will start to wear down as you use the car. As it starts to wear out the tread gets worn down and that can lead to a weak spot in the tire which will potentially cause a blowout. If you are concerned your tires are low on tread you want to have them replaced.

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